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I'm so honored to take over from Mr. HIBOUCHE Abdennour at the head of the FIPU,i take this opportunity to thank him sincerely for all his unbroken efforts, so the FIPU could contribute efficiently in combating money laundering and financing terrorism.
I would like also to thank the members of theFIPU' Council who contributed in those efforts.
their term will expire by January 2020,some of them will leave us, and some will be reappointed ,however,i'm certain that they did ,and will do all their best so the FIPU fulfills its missions from where they are.
The power of the FIPU came from devoted and talented staff ,carrying out researches and processing intelligence ,to make its own contribution in combating money laundering and terrorism financing .
Even if the FIPU succeeded to comply with the international requirements in AML/CFT ,other challenges are waiting ,especially in matters of efficiency ,with an effective involvement of all the persons/administrations subject to report suspicious transactions by upgrading their detection systems ,also with the involvement of other key participants ,particularly customs administration, National Domain, tax administration, and the Bank of Algeria and the National Center of the Trade Register .
Finally ,i urge the members of the FIPU' council as well as all its stuff to be more active in order to conclude the processed cases to be submitted to the concerned authorities so the truth will be revealed.

Saidi Sid Ahmed


  • Algeria pursues "aggressive counterterrorism campaign" Source,Algeria press service,July 20,2017,link : http://en.aps.dz/algeria/19472-algeria-pursues-aggressive-counterterrorism-campaign

  • Publication of the Law n 16-02 of 19 June 2016 complementing the Ordinance 66-156 of 8 June 1966 carrying Penal Code

  • Nation Council (May 30.2016): adoption of the Draft Law amending and complementing the Ordinance N° 66-156 carrying the Penal Code.

  • Plenary meeting of the MENAFATF (23-28 April 2016) : Adoption of Algeria' report.

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